Season 2020

View from Sanctuary 8 (Shi 石) in June

Last fall, winter arrived abnormally early abruptly with severe temperature drop. All my maples were caught off guard and frozen before they had a chance to change colour or drop their leaves. The winter was, however, relatively ‘normal’ and spring came early with no late frost. Strangely, most of my flowering trees (prunus, Cornus, Magnolia etc.) failed to bloom. there was little rain from early spring into November. Plants like Heuchera and Hosta were very unhappy. Coping with strange weather has increasingly become a norm for gardening. It was very fortunate that I have a big garden to play with in a pandemic year.

Some early spring flowers:

PRIMULA vulgaris ‘BELARINA Amethyst Ice’ in May

PRIMULA vulgaris ‘BELARINA Valentine’ in May

PRIMULA sieboldii white ‘Lace Selection’ in May

Some Primula from seeds:
PRIMULA sieboldii in May

PRIMULA veris in May

CYPRIPEDIUM ‘Sabine Pastel’ in June

EPIMEDIUM ‘Cherry Blossom’ in May

EPIMEDIUM brachyrrhizum ‘Elfin Magic’ in May

Unfortunately, many of my EPIMEDIUM and CYPRIPEDIUM are destroyed by voles.

Some late spring flowers:

DIANTHUS ‘Bath’s Pink’ in June

CORYDALIS ‘Wildside Blue’ in June

PHLOX subulata ‘Amazing Grace’ in May

MERTENSIA lanceolata in May


PENSTEMON whippleanus in July

PULMONARIA ‘Opal’ in may

RHODODENDRON ‘Dark Lord’ in May

Clematis season:

CLEMATIS x durandii in July

CLEMATIS ‘Tie Dye’ in July

CLEMATIS ‘Royal Velours’ in June

CLEMATIS ‘Romantika’ in June

CLEMATIS ‘Pagoda’ in July
CLEMATIS ‘Mrs Harvey’ in July

CLEMATIS ‘Blekitny Aniol’ in July

CLEMATIS ‘Betty Corning’ in June

Summer blossoms:

Koukou in Burning River

P7 in August

Burning River in July

COREOPSIS ‘Cosmic Eye’ in August

PENSTEMON cardinalis ss. pcardinalis in June

Icy River in June

NYMPHAEA ‘Texas Dawn’ in August

ECHINACEA ‘Milkshake’ in August

SPIGELIA marilandica in July

Rockery plants:

MONARDELLA macrantha ex. Marian Sampson’ in August

DIANTHUS squarrosus in June

ANTHYLLIS vulneraria ‘Dark Red’ in May

GENTIANA septemfida ‘Bella Alpinella’ in July

SAXIFRAGA ‘Karel Hynek Macha’ in March

LEWISIA longipetala ‘Little Plum’ in June

SAXIFRAGA sieberii in June

CAMPANULA ‘Samantha’ in June

CAMPANULA fragilis cavolinii in June

Rockery in July


PINUS sylvestris ‘Woltings Gold’ in March

PICEA engelmannii ‘Bush’s Lace’ in September

PINUS parviflora ‘Ogon Janome’ in August

PICEA pungens ‘Spring Ghost’ in June

PICEA pungens ‘Gebelle’s Golden Spring’ in June

PICEA glauca ‘Mac Gold’ in May

ABIES concolor ‘Blue Cloak’ in June

ABIES koreana ‘Kohouts Icebreaker’ in July

CRYPTOMERIA japonica ‘Knaptenensis’ in July

Maples spring and fall:

ACER palmatum ‘Ukigumo’ in May

ACER palmatum ‘Olsen’s Frosted Strawberry’ in May

ACER palmatum ‘Hana Tsukasa’ in May

ACER palmatum ‘Geisha Gone Wild’ in May

ACER palmatum ‘First Ghost’ in May

ACER palmatum ‘Mama Fu’ in May

ACER palmatum ‘Kinshi’ in October

ACER palmatum ‘Beni shigitatsu sawa’ in October

View at Sanctuary 4 (Lou 楼) in October

View at Sanctuary 4 (Lou 楼) in October

Recent projects:

Koukou Walk

A neglected wild area behind the pool was renovated with a simple wooden walk (now called Koukou Walk since it was his garden) last fall to create a mini symbolic woodland garden. Initial planting this spring were just some Primula, Hosta and a few of my maple and conifer grafts. More woodland plants will be added over the next few years.

Sanctuary 24 (来 Lai) in July

Sanctuary 24 (来 Lai) in June

Sanctuary 24 (来 Lai) in June

Sanctuary 24 (来 Lai) in June

Clematis Wall

A simple ‘Clematis wall’ was constructed to hide the chain linked fence and provide better support for our Clematis collection.

View at Sanctuary 5 (Tai 苔) in July

A New Flagstone Walk

The grass path across the front gardens was replaced with a flagstone walk with steps added going down the hill by the mini rockery. The primary intent is to minimize the maintenance chore of edging and mowing the lawn.

View from Sanctuary 10 (Xiang 向) in October

View from Sanctuary 10 (Xiang 向) in October

View from Sanctuary 10 (Xiang 向) in October