Ornamental Conifers

The beauty of conifers is not showy to the point of static like annuals. They have the wholesome, stately and subtle elegance that sets them apart from perennials and maples (of course in the eyes of the beholder). For people who have not played with conifers, all conifers may look more or less the same to them. Growing conifers can be addictive. Be warned that entry into the conifer world can be a one way street of no return.
Growing conifers in a garden, one inevitably, has to face a common dilemma: the appropriate allowances to be made for their size changes over time. Few gardeners can afford to acquire only fully mature conifer specimen for their gardens. There is no ideal solution. More than likely, if a gardener keep his/her garden long enough, there will be transplanting and/or removal, even if you stick to only ‘dwarf conifers’. Except for conifer addicts who can be happy with lots of empty spaces between their conifers for a number of years, companion planting using other plant materials such as perennials etc. can be important.
It should be noted that the identifications of conifers are highly error prone, inconsistent and messy in the conifer trade. Sorting out the absolute accuracy of their identity is not always possible even among some experts. I would appreciate any correction feedback from experts out there.

  • Abies balsamea 'Tyler Blue' in June

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