Lake Shaukou

It is just our small water garden pond. I call it Lake Shaukou in memory of our wonderful dog.
In its conception, it’s flow pattern is intended as an abstraction to remind me of a small corner of a mountain stream in the jungle of the Borneo Island. The shoreline is adjacent to my Burning River, Icy River and the ‘Almost White’ Garden.

  • Nymphaea 'Gladstone' in July
NYMPHAEA ‘Texas Dawn’ in August

2 Replies to “Lake Shaukou”

  1. What an absolutely wonderful garden! I love that plants are labeled so that I might be able to find some of them that intrigue me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and peaceful space. The sanctuaries remind me of the pavilions I remember from my visit to China.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments on our garden. It is always so encouraging to hear feedback from gardeners who enjoy and appreciate our garden making composition attempts.

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