Fernery Illusions

The elegant, graceful and refine texture of ferns can provide a spectrum of ornamental attributes not possible to create using shade perennials alone. I tried to aggregate all my ferns to an area that I called my ‘fernery’. The number of varieties hardy to our area are, unfortunately, very limited; (how I envy areas where tree ferns can be grown). They are mostly under observation and only experimental temporary compositions were attempted here.
The ferns we tried to grow are:(Unfortunately, some of them lost their name tags over the years. Some do not have sufficient unique characteristics for identification, and are declared as ‘Lost in the garden’ in their database statuses.)
Soon… I will get around to pay some attentions to them.

  • Little fernery walk in July

Adiantum venustum in July

Athyrium augustumforma rubellum in July

Phyllitis scolopendrium in July

Athyrium x ‘Ghost in July

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    1. Thanks. I am still in the process of collecting and learning about ferns. Love your blog.
      (Sorry for the delay in response. Just found out that the notification for your comment was move to spam folder by gmail.)

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