Seasons in our Garden

Gardening in an area with long cold winter climate is a challenge, and can be discouraging. However, seasonal change of colours, appearances and atmosphere can be wonderful attributes for making a garden. It can provide a pleasure that combines anticipation, surprise, and excitement. (The seasonal package does include disappointment and frustration from cold damage, droughts and other bad stuff.) Many people would think of ornamental gardening seasons in terms of what are in bloom in each season. In my garden, I would like to include seasonal changes in the colours of maples and conifers etc. or any plant ornamental characteristics that a gardener can look forward to as the season progresses.
In our zone, the ‘gardening season’ can range from March to November, but in a bad year – minus a couple of months or more. The flowering time or foliage colour changes of all plants can shift by a month or so forward/backward depending on the year.

  • Pinus sylvestris 'Wolting's Gold' in March

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