Favourite Perennials

The universe of perennials is so diverse in colours, forms, sizes, and characters etc. that gardeners who enter to explore seldom come out. It would take more than a life time to finish exploring/enjoying them thoroughly. Perennials are ‘designed’ for northern gardens. The way they come back, dazzle and go away each season keeps gardeners looking forward to see their return each year.
Like human friends, perennials have a wide range of personalities that a gardener need to pay attention to; if you want them to come back to visit you, or look presentable in your garden. Many highly ornamental perennials can leave an ugly mess after their visit. Some perennials spread fast and refuse to be un-invited. Some perennials require more maintenance efforts than others. As the garden grows and the gardener ages, more and more attentions will be shifted towards those with simpler life style except a few ‘must have’ favourites that require extra attentions.
In our haste to adopted new perennials obsessively, and plant them somewhere in the garden, we often lost track where they were and even forget about them. Their statuses in our database end up as ‘Lost in the Garden’.

  • Heuchera 'Red Lightning' in July

Some of our perennial collections: (Under Construction)

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